Technology Collaboration

Your innovative invention can be applied to our industrial technology development through licensing, joint R&D or cooperative project with ITRI.

Technology Commercialization

From product design through to production and distribution, ITRI has the resources you seek.

Career Development

Are you interested in having your second career in the high-tech industry back in Taiwan? Working with ITRI will be a rewarding experience that will lead you to success!

Early Stage Incubation

Tapping into ITRI's technological innovation, professional services, plus industrial and VC network to benefit entrepreneurs as well as VCs for new venture success. ITRI Internationial's VAS (Venture Acceleration Sphere) provides a win-win tech business incubator in Silicon Valley. Optionally, further incubation and company development can be done in Taiwan by leveraging the technology services in ITRI's headquarters.

ITRI Incubator Center

Helps entrepreneurs to start up technology-based business with business planning, financing, and training... etc.

ITRI's Open Lab

Provides space and access to ITRI's technological resources through on-site joint research and development with ITRI researchers.

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